Do you recycle?

At Magnet Invitations we like to help the planet and recycle and reuse as much as possible. Packing materials will often be clean used cardboard and spacers will be A4 sheets previously used to protect the magnet roll. These recycled products will not compromise the final product in any way.

Do you recycle?2018-03-21T16:11:47+10:30

How is my order packaged?

Your order will be carefully packed to avoid any potential damage. The invitations are flat packed with cardboard packers. Personalised envelopes will always be kept flat and will never be folded. All products are placed within a sealed waterproof bag for protection from the elements.

How is my order packaged?2018-03-21T16:10:52+10:30

Where do you deliver?

Customers often ask if we can ship internationally. The answer is yes – we certainly do. For international orders please contact us for further details.Goods will be delivered on business days only. We do not offer deliveries on weekend or public holidays. All prices displayed on our website are in Australian Dollars (AU$) and will [...]

Where do you deliver?2018-03-21T16:10:06+10:30

How long will it take to deliver my order?

Delivery time approximately 3-7 days after your order has been created and posted. Please note: Delivery times may be delayed during peak holiday periods (Christmas, Easter etc).

How long will it take to deliver my order?2018-03-21T16:09:13+10:30

Can I pick up my order?

The team at Magnet Invitations would love to meet you, but as we are busy in our creation process each day, we are unable to offer local pickups.

Can I pick up my order?2018-03-21T16:08:44+10:30

What is the cost of delivery?

Delivery is free within Australia for all orders over $200.00. A flat $10.00 charge (within Australia) is applied to all orders under $200.00.

What is the cost of delivery?2018-03-21T16:08:16+10:30

How do I send my file to you?

You can add attachments (up to 5) at the time you place your order. Alternatively, simply email your design to info@magnetinvitations.com.au.

How do I send my file to you?2018-03-21T16:06:04+10:30

What formats do you accept for my design?

We can accept many different formats. The popular ones being: .ai, .pdf, .eps, .cdr, .tiff, .jpg, .psd. More often than not, a high resolution jpeg will be fine.

What formats do you accept for my design?2018-03-21T16:03:34+10:30