Will you send me a proof for viewing before creating my invitations?

Yes. You will be emailed a graphical proof for approval or modification.

Does it cost to have my design proof changed?

You will have the opportunity to request 3 free changes to your design proof. If further modifications are required, you may be charged at $10.00 per modification. This will only occur if you are requesting wholesale changes to the design, instead of tweaking the final proof.

I have approved for print but now I need to make a change.

Unfortunately this may be too late. We do usually wait a couple of hours before starting the creation process, just in case you have missed something. This is normally enough time to stop production to make the required change.

Will the colours be exactly as I see them on my computer screen?

We do our best to ensure accurate portrayal of item colours and pictures however it must be understood that colours may vary from that displayed on your screen. This is unavoidable due to different monitor settings and qualities and printing inks/toners. Due to this, exact colours can never be guaranteed.